Mon Webfolio collégial

Guide to a brighter future

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webfolio?

Answer: Webfolio is a sort of professional self-portrait. This document provides a quick overview of who you are, what you can offer the job market, and what your career goals are. You can even show your Webfolio to potential employers. Your Webfolio does not, however, replace your resume or cover letter. Webfolio is more of a complementary tool that can accompany these documents and help you reflect on your career. Webfolio can show employers that you have planned out your career and that you are ready to work for them!

You will also find a final quiz entitled “Am I Ready?” at the end of the "My Plan in Action" step. This will allow you to check how much you have learned about the essential elements required to access good jobs and jumpstart your career. Webfolio is even used by some companies to help their employees to better plan their careers.

Can I start at any step?

Answer: Although there is a logical sequence in the order of steps (for example, we consider it important for you to get to know yourself better before taking action), you may work on whatever module you want. Remember, however, that the reflections made in the first few Webfolio modules are very useful to complete the activities that come later on.

Can I change the answers I have already written?

Answer: Yes! Webfolio was designed to allow you to update your status as you gain experience. It also allows you to complete activities at your own pace. In other words, you don’t have to do every step in one visit. Answers can be changed at any time.

How do I save my data?

Answer: At the end of each exercise, click on the "Save" icon and your data will be saved.

Is the information that I provide confidential and secure?

Answer: Absolutely! In order for someone else to have access to your Webfolio, you must send the information by creating a PDF form from the “My Final Webfolio” page.

What is a final Webfolio?

Answer: Your final Webfolio provides all of your answers in one place. You can save it as a PDF on your computer, print it, or send it to other people.

I want to send my final Webfolio to someone, but I do not want all items to be visible. How do I do that?

Answer: When you click on the "PRINT OR SHARE My Webfolio" button, you will be asked which parts you want to share. You can then specify the sections you want to share.

Will I have access to my Webfolio at the end of college?

Answer: Do not assume that your college will keep your Webfolio indefinitely. We encourage you to keep a copy of it. Check with a representative from your college about how to access your Webfolio via the school’s student portal.